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So it's been awhile. I'll be showing you guys what I got from Bath&Body Works and Lush. Massive Pictures and my thoughts about it to share with you all ...

The winter season is creeping up soon which means that it's the best time for Fall items, whatever it may be, to go on sale. Recognizing this pattern year after year, I planned out exactly what store I wanted to shop. It took me almost a month to contemplate and plan on what I wanted to get before I implement on it. It's been awhile since I shopped at Bath&Body Works but as for Lush, it has been years! As a wife, a mother of two kids, self-employed, as well as a homemaker, pampering and taking care of my skin and health hasn't been my main top priority as of lately so I decided to do something about it. It's not much but just want to show you guys what I got several days ago. I was inspired by my a few of favorite beauty vloggers.

What's in my Bath&Body Works shopping bag. Body Sprays and some pamphlet of coupons or deals.

Left to Right: Magic in the Air, Purfect Pumpkin, A Thousand Wishes, and Beautiful Day.

Purfect Pumpkin: Perfect body spray for fall. I can smell hints of spice like cinnamon, sweetness, small hint of apple and vanilla. Originally $14 but was on sale for 50% off. Got it for $7.00

Three years ago, I purchased this body spray called "Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin" from Bath&Body Works and it has been my Fall staple scent ever since but sadly I ran out it. I kept the empty bottle as a reminder for myself to repurchase it again or find a dupe of it. I came across one of my favorite vloggers who vlogged about her Fall routine and she featured this "Purfect Pumpkin" scent in that video. Like my usual curious self, I had to test it out and see if I would like it for myself too.

This part was not planned and here's why: It's so funny because the "Purfect Pumpkin" one reminded me of the "Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin" one but just a bit sweeter. Nevertheless, it's so similar that I had to get it because I was going to replace the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin one anyways. Why Bath&Body Works would duplicate it? No idea but perhaps one day I'll know.

Yay I can finally throw away that empty bottle away. So grateful for the service it has provided me for the past 3 years!

Got this deal that if I purchased 3 of these, it'll cost $12.50 total. I like exploring different scents and since these particular kinds were new to me, I opt for the smaller versions. It takes me a long time to use up a full sized version and if kept for longer periods of time, scents can change and they do expire. I love these scents. They all smell so pretty! 

Total cost of my purchase from Bath&Body Works.

So I went to Lush, I sniffed through all of their bath bombs on display and the ones I bought appealed to me the most. I love a combination of fresh, sweet, fruity, little hints of floral scents and these were the ones that met my expectations. I haven't tried them out yet so I hope the results will meet my expectations as well. Cannot wait to witness the fizzes in my bathtub real soon! My kids knows exactly what they are since they have seen it on YouTube and they're already looking forward to it!


I picked out 2 different bath bombs to use for Fall, 1 bath bomb to use during Winter, and 1 bath melts to use for Winter as well.

One of my first bath bombs! Cannot wait to try them out with my kids. Perfect for fall.

Looks can be deceiving. So simple but smells so pretty! Ugh!

My Favorite Beauty Vlogger got this too and I wanted to see if I will like it. My goodness, it smells great! I'm beginning to think that we both like the same scents! 

This angelic bath melts smells so pretty too! So many glitter fall outs but just by touching it, melts to my fingers and moisturizes it! Amazing! My daughter will probably like this one!

This is the back side of this angel bath melts. That's a chunk load of gold glitter! One of my favorite colors! I got it thinking that it was a bath bomb but hey, I've never tried them before too so it was meant to be. We'll be bathing in it soon! Yay!

Total cost of my purchase from Lush.


I tried so hard to not wander around at those stores but couldn't help it. I literally wanted to buy everything I liked that day but had to make some realistic choices. In my opinion, bath bombs are a little bit pricey but I know it'll be cheaper if I make them. Just thought I tried them out first.



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