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61 Pairs of shoes plus 2 slippers. 
*Mostly thrifted, given to me for free, and got them on sale.

YES, this was my shoe collection. Wow. That's a lot of shoes for one person in my opinion. I used to have more than 100 pairs of shoes but managed to downsize to nearly half to make space for newer ones. This may not be "massive" to some but to the simple and minimalist like me, I didn't need to have that many pairs of shoes. I was getting tired of the clutter, the extra wasted space my shoes took up since I rarely wore most of them and I didn't like how they were stored so I decided to do something about it. I dedicate this post to all of you who are looking for some ideas on decluttering your shoe collection or just want some inspiration for whatever reasons. I hope this is helpful.

Majority of my shoes was stored in laundry baskets. It's NOT the best method but at that time, I had to utilize what I had. However, my most worn shoes was stored in my shoe organizer that I got from Target and two fancy formal shoes were still tucked away in boxes.

Your questions may be different from mines but this is what I had to ask myself to help me narrow down my choices:

1) Does it make me happy?
2) Is it my style?
3) Is it a classic piece?
4) Will I wear it often?
5) Is it comfortable?
6) Do I like the condition of it?
7) Does it fit my current lifestyle?

Leopard Print Flat Loafers by Mossimo
The 1st pair of shoe I decided to sell. 2 years ago, this was a very trendy item. I saw various fashion bloggers wore a similar pair and I love how it goes so well with the fall outfits. I purchased them at a my local Target when it was on sale. Turns out, I rarely wear them so it had to go. I didn't feel like this was my style at all and it wasn't comfortable anyways. This was also the first pair that sold and the person who bought it loved it!

Mossimo bronze heels (thrifted), Black comfort simple pumps (payless), nude simple pumps.

Selling these at the moment. Bold, simple, perfect heel height to walk in, but I rarely reach for them.

These black simple pumps are comfy. They are a classic piece to any wardrobe. Recently sold and the buyer was happy with them.

Simple nude heels that is also a classic piece to any wardrobe. I rarely reach for them and they aren't comfortable. Currently selling them at the moment.

My classic platform pumps! (left to right) Nude pumps by xhilaration from Target, black suede pumps also by xhilaration from Target, Peep toe cut-out pumps by Anne Michelle.

Makes my legs look long, lean, and sexy. Not the most comfortable and I rarely wore them. I like the rubber grips on the bottoms. Currently selling them.

A classic piece. I rarely reach for them too because they aren't comfortable to walk in and collects dusts very easily. Still in great shape. Currently selling them.

Very unique type of heels. Love that it's nude, has these cut-outs, has an elastic band Rarely wore them. Has nice rubber grips at the bottom. Currently selling.

My glam formal platform pumps: (left to right) Jennifer Lopez Silver Gold Metallic (thrifted), Steve Madden Black Glitter (thrifted), Glaze Champagne Glitter.

Found these at my local thrift store. Has some scruffs on them. Currently selling them at a reasonable price.

Steve Madden pumps found at my local thrift store. Such a steal. Still in great shape but I rarely wore them so currently selling them.

These pumps are gorgeous! Love the height and it makes my legs looks longer and leaner. Sadly I rarely wore them and it's still tucked away in its original box. Currently selling them.

Left to right: Nine West, Forever21, and DKNY.

Thrifted. Still in great shape. Rarely worn. Cute for summer. Currently selling.

Got these at forever 21. Cute and trendy. Rarely wore them and was still in great condition. Recently sold, buyer loved it.

I donated the DKNY sandals (no picture, sorry) to a thrift store. The size runs an inch smaller. I don't know what I was thinking when I bought them. Also a thrifted piece.


Mossimo nude pumps. They remind me of Tory Burch's classic flats. Rarely wore them because it's a bit tight and I'm looking for something that doesn't cinched on the ankle area. Recently sold.

Nice ALL STAR low cut converse, purchased at TJMAXX for half the retail price. Rarely wore them and is like new. A little young for me and my style. I want something more for my age and older. Didn't feel like they are for me. I laced them myself, pretty cool huh? -Learned that on YouTube. Recently sold and buyer was happy with the condition.

Keds tennis shoes. Thrifted item. Recently donated because I rarely wore them. Plus, currently not my style.

Nike Winter Ankle boots, thrifted, great condition, rarely worn, undecided if I should donate, sell, or keep. Fits perfectly well and keeps my feet warm. Not sure if I will reach for them but thought I should keep them until I find a replacement. 

These shoes had to be thrown away. Well worn and well loved.

Donated some of these shoes.


Purchased at Burlington coat. A little too tight on me and hard to walk on. Donated.

Mossimo flats. Rarely wore them. Thrifted item. Recently donated.

Had this many years ago. Rarely wore them and because they were SO old, they started to peel a lot. Got it at Target. Thrown away.

Thrifted. Rarely wore them. Small dirt marks on the wedges. Donated.

Love these. Wore them often. Somewhat Comfy. Purchased at TJMAXX. Currently not my style right now so had to donate them.

Got this at a local thrift store. Love the bottom rubber grips. Not comfortable to walk in and rarely wore them. Recently sold and buyer was satisfied!

Not into heels anymore since I have nowhere to wear them to. Plus, I had to be honest with myself and most of the time, they aren't the most comfortable. My style calls for comfort and when I don't feel comfortable, it's hard to be confident. Some of these are not that trendy and some still are so here they are...

Had these for years. Got them for a formal event. Rarely wore them since then. Still in good condition but can still see some old glue residue. 

Thrifted piece. Comfortable but not my style anymore. Looking for flats that looks just the same. 

Thrift item. Nice heels by Worthington. Somewhat comfy.

Thrifted. By Jessica Simpson. Cute and like the strap in the middle for added security but hard to walk in. I don't know where I will wear them to and plus it's a little bit dirty, got them in that condition. I don't know what I was thinking.

Thrifted item. Got them to wear for a business meeting couple winters ago. Rarely wore them since then. Very pretty but not comfortable at all. Love the gold hardware and side zipper though.

Target. Got them on sale. Somewhat comfortable but I'm looking for a similar style with no heels.


Forever21. Nice trendy boots, love the wide heels and side zipper. Somewhat hard to walk in though but may feel great for others.

Mossimo tan fringe ankle booties. Somewhat comfy but doesn't look flattering on me. Doesn't match my entire wardrobe, no matter how many outfits I came up with. Not my style.

Great for fall transitioning to winter. Vintage looking and cute. Great bottom rubber grips. Rarely wore them. Great condition. Not my style at the moment.

Cute strappy tan heels by Coach. Thrifted. Decent condition. Recently sold and buyer was satisfied!

Nice backing zipper. Sadly, they collect dust easily. No rubber grips, prone to slipping. Got them at TJMAXX at a decent price. Rarely wore them. Doesn't look flattering on me. I got them because they were trendy back them, still are, but doesn't work for me. Recently sold.

Got them at Target. Had them many years ago. Recently sold.

Boots from Nine West. Dark Brown. Thrifted. Nice side zippers. Great condition and keeps legs warm. Not the most comfortable. Will be selling soon.
Tan heels from Target but got it at a local thrift store. Rarely wore them and had them for a long time. Had to throw them away because the leather peeled off so much!

Given to me for free. Still undecided if I should keep them or sell them. Heels are at comfortable length. Currently looking for a similar flat pair of shoes to replace it.

As you guys can tell, my style is very simple, comfy, consists of mainly neutral colors, and I like to stick to basics. My style changes so these are the shoes that I'm keeping...




Target. Got them for half off.



Got these MK sandals from TJMAXX. I wrote a post about it here: [READ]

As I grow to become a better version of me, my thoughts and views on what I value changes. I have always been a simple person at heart and sometimes having less also means more. I am truly grateful and blessed to have had so many pairs of shoes but it made me realize that I didn't "need" all of them; I was ok and happy with a select few. It also made me more cautious of how I should spend my money next time. I'm drawn to things that are pretty, trendy, shiny, and unique but that doesn't mean that I should get it; I can appreciate it for what it is. It's important to stay focus and be honest with myself. I work at home and I'm also a homemaker so I like to keep things that are useful and suits more of my lifestyle. Minimizing my shoe collection wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I knew exactly what I wanted and by asking myself these 7 simple questions, it helped me narrow down my choices. 

Behind the scenes: This post took me almost 5 months to completely finish it! Yep, I've been saving this post as a draft for that long! Editing all of my pictures, retaking them and adding my logo on them was the most time consuming! I also had trouble with htmls and experienced some technical difficulties. Aside from all that chaos, I'm happy to share this post with you all. Don't forget to subscribe to my blog for future posts like this. I'll be posting an official updated shoe collection very soon. Stay tuned! :)


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